Rda Imei Tool download (all versions)


Download RDA IMEI tool(all version)

RDA IMEI tool is a simple function that allows you to flash IMEI on any RDA chipset based smart device .ON this page you can find every thing about this RDA IMEI tools .and all version .thank you for your patience.

Features of RDA IMEI tool

1)Write IMEI:

It grant you to write IMEI on any RDA based phone or tablet. whereas up to 4 SIM function at once .

2)Write MBSN

It grant you on writing the MBSN on any RDA based smart devices. Anyone can manually input the MBSN number or load it from text file.

3)Write PSN 

It allows you to write the PSN number on RDA based smart device.PSN number can also be inputted manually or load from text files as a custom init code and mask at all.

Write LCD Name

It grant you to write LCD name on your RDA based devices.Agent can choose DSI,RGB & MCU option for the LCD name.

Write WIFI Mac

It allows you to write the WiFI Mac address & Bluetooth Mac Address on your RDA based smart devices

RDA Chipset Based Tablets and smartphone IMEI Tool

RDA IMEI Tool download


[link link=”https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5I5Jm5BA3D7NHBFUFVkQmxHa1U” text=”Download Now”]


[link link=”https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5I5Jm5BA3D7cUY3QTVBelhfRjQ” text=”Download Now”]

Read me at once:
(1) compatiblity : this tool works on windows xp(sp1,sp2,sp3),Vista,Windows-7,Windows8/8.1/10 (x32bit and x64 bit)

(2)Caution : Writing IMEI on devices is a illegal job against your country .So it is high risk for user . Be aware of this and give up using it.

How to check IMEI number?

Dial   *#06# on your device or you can find it from your device box .

(*)Credits: RDA IMEI tools is created and free provided by Microelectronics inc. so grateful to them .